Week 9—Recruit Bellio

Week nine is in the books. I would describe this week as equal parts challenging, fun, and memorable. Some of the major highlights of the week include one-handed shooting, the beginning of arrest control take-downs, and pedestrian contact scenarios. There is never a dull moment at the academy; this week however, was particularly exciting.

Arrest control is an essential tool to have when a situation requires a hands-on approach.  As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we need to take this training seriously because it will one day save our lives, or the lives of others. Repetition is the best way to ensure we are mastering each skill. I have found that I really need to break some of the more complex movements into smaller steps initially.

Various instructors have explained that when the time comes to use these skills, deputies are able to act immediately without even realizing it because of the countless hours of training. I am excited to become proficient in these skills so that they eventually become subconscious actions.

During firearms, we learned how to shoot one handed, with both our strong hand and support hand. Many of us were nervous to shoot with one hand, especially our non-dominant hand. Luckily, no guns went flying in the air after pulling the trigger. In fact, we found that most of us were more accurate using only our support hand because we had to really focus on all of the fundamentals, resulting in quality shooting.

We also learned how to shoot kneeling, and from behind barricades as concealment. I actually found this practice particularly helpful, as it was not quite as easy as it looked. Sometimes it seems like you might be fully behind concealment when in fact you are not, which is why the form they are teaching us is imperative.

Lastly, we began pedestrian contacts this week, where we were taught through role-playing scenarios how to approach a variety of situations which involve contacting people. The instructors for these classes in particular always challenge us and make us step outside our comfort zone. Many of the challenging moments during scenarios left us literally speechless, trying to quickly find the right words to say. 

We had successes throughout the day as well, and were appreciative of the opportunity to learn from the instructors and more importantly from one another. The really imperative mistakes as well as the major accomplishments in these scenarios will not be forgotten moving forward. It is unforgettable weeks like this one that make me grateful for the opportunity to enter this profession, as well my time here in the academy with my fellow recruits.

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