Week Five - Guest Blog by Recruit Martinez

Week 5 served as a continuance of the importance of discipline.  The idea of discipline served a number of roles this week.  First, as a recruit, it is paramount to be disciplined in your studies.  The material being taught is to our benefit in the long term.  Morning formation showed that in covering Criminal Code.  The specific material that we were quizzed on was covered a number of days previous, therefore the recollection of that material seemed more difficult.  It was important for us to stay disciplined in our studies as the week went on, to be able to recall that information in formation as well as for the Friday test. 

Discipline also showed its importance in our daily preparation.  Missing ID cards afforded us the opportunity for another infamous learning lesson.  Physical exercise is always the best way for us to be reminded that all equipment is necessary every day.  It becomes less of a matter of the person who did not bring their equipment, and more a matter of assuring you prepared to start the day.  The discipline comes into play in forming habits.  At the end of the day, regardless of how tired we are, it pays to make sure all of our equipment for the next day is present.

As if we needed more examples of the necessity of discipline, we were afforded yet another opportunity.  One recruit was pulled over for speeding near the Academy on their way home.  It was a first, therefore the punishment was more egregious.  Normally when we are punished, we get to go see what color the stop light is.  This time, we were tasked with finding out what the posted speed limit was.  What better way to do so than to go for a nice run?  On our first attempt, we tried to read into what was asked of us and find any speed limit sign.  This was not exactly what staff had in mind, therefore we got to go on a much longer run to find what it was where the recruit was stopped.  For those of you unfamiliar with the area of the Academy, it sits atop a series of hills.  The run down is not so bad, however the run back up is a bit more challenging in our boots.  The run served as another opportunity in teamwork.  Everyone stays together and everyone finishes together.  Attempt two was a success.

Week 5 concluded with another test.  Unfortunately, one of our fellow recruits would not continue onto week seven with us.  Down one from the original group, we were all served with a dose of reality.  It is not easy to see someone go.  Personally, I learned that we are all an integral part in, not only our own success, but that of our fellow recruits.

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