Week Fourteen - Recruit Sebastian

Week 14

Another exciting week!

On Monday, we were in the classroom and learned about Vehicle Contacts (Traffic stops) and Rapid Emergency Deployment (how to react in case of for example, active shooter scenario). It appears to be similar to building searches; however, it is a lot faster and not as methodical. In the event of an active shooter, our safety is secondary to the preservation of life.

On Wednesday and Friday, we practiced what we had learned in the classroom on Monday and put our skills to the test.
For Thursday, we spent the entire day at the range. For the first time, we were all there together instead of being separated into our respective squads. First, we completed another firearms course before we split up and did a variety of scenarios. At the first station, we continued our training by shooting while moving and were also faced with several shoot/no shoot situations. Afterwards, we trained how to shoot while seated inside a vehicle and how to exit a vehicle as well as engage a threat that was a little further away. Lastly, we dueled against each other for bragging rights on the tactical range with several steel target courses. All in all, it was an exciting and fun week. I took several pictures this week for everyone to enjoy.



Bring on week 15. Only two months to go until graduation.

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