Week Sixteen and Seventeen - Recruit Sebastian

Week 16 began bright and early on Monday morning with Sexual Assault Investigations and how to handle them. In the LE profession, these types of cases are referred to as ‘shift killers’ due to amount of time spent on the investigation as well as the questioning of the parties involved. They are also some of the most gruesome, especially if children are involved, and unfortunately not that rare. On Tuesday, we spent half the day on High Risk Vehicle contacts, aka Felony Stops and the rest of the day on some more Arrest Control procedures.
High Risk Vehicle contacts were extremely fun and I have attached some pictures for your pleasure. Not only was communication important, between the officers and towards the suspect, but also the amount of time spent to properly execute them. Towards the end, we were able to see a K9 in action and every time I see them, I am in awe at how well trained and useful in several different scenarios they are. 

The rest of the week was spent mostly in the classroom with a lecture on Driving and some POST review. Friday morning, we were transported to the Law Enforcement memorial at the Colorado State Patrol Academy. There, we honored the fallen officers of Colorado and those that came before us.

Week 17 was entirely devoted to driving at the Denver PD track and the motto near the entrance “You can’t help if you don’t get there” best describes what this week is all about. Most officers are not killed by gunfire or other means, but die during traffic accidents. It was a fun experience and all of us had a great time overall along with sore muscles from picking up conesJ

Every day offered a new challenge and all courses offered a challenge. Most of the time was dedicated to backing and slower, skilled maneuvers. Aside from those, we learned emergency braking, high speed lane changes, and reactionary type drills. I will let the pictures do the talking and show you what you can expect while in the Academy as I am getting more and more busy with preparing for the final POST exam.

Only five more weeks to go; times is really starting to fly by now. 

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