Weeks 21 - 22- Recruit Sebastian

Week 21 started with four days on Crime Scene Investigation. Over the course of the next four days, we learned how to photograph and sketch a crime scene, take and develop latent fingerprints, and how to interpret blood spatter.
Friday was OC day, the day most of us dreaded since the beginning of the Academy. Once you were sprayed, you had to fight with your hands and baton, handcuff a suspect, and go through a shoot/ no shoot scenario. Only then were you allowed to be decontaminated. As I said earlier, I wanted to experience OC before making my decision on whether or not it was worse than Taser. For myself, I’d rather be tased twice then ever having to go through OC again. Not only did it burn for over three hours, but it also lasted until the evening when I foolishly decided to take a shower and reactivated the OC.
The following week, we were certified on the Intoxilyzer and prepared for our POST exam on Wednesday. When Wednesday came around, we all passed our exam. With the new system, you knew immediately if you passed or failed. As a result, all of us knew our scores before the tradition of running Lookout Mountain. Once we did, we were released for the day. The next day was graduation and all of us looked great in our Class A uniforms.

To end my blog, I just want to thank the staff and all of the other recruits who have made the last 22 weeks fly by and taught me everything I need to know to be successful throughout my career.

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