Weeks 12 and 13--Recruit Fratto

Week 12 was rather uneventful but, it started and ended with 16 hours of traffic investigation. It was interesting to see how different tire marks, and damage on vehicles can paint a pretty clear picture as to what happened in an accident.

Tuesday's Arrest Control training allowed us time to finally work with our batons. We learned how to manipulate and use them in a ton of different ways. We learned where and how we use it to strike, and. most importantly. when we can legally use them. Lakewood Police Agent Beers does a great job of making it perfectly clear when we can use our batons. During Firearms Training, we continued to work on P.O.S.T. practices test, as we will be taking the real deal next week. All of the recruits are improving each day, and feel pretty confident going into the test.

Wednesday was pretty much a full day of report writing, but this time instructors were making our due dates quite a bit more realistic. Previously our due dates were class to class, which sometimes was a week to two weeks apart. This time they were due by the end of the day. To my surprise, it wasn't that hard at all to really buckle down and get the report done. However, I also didn't get a second or third or fourth call after that. In the real world I probably wouldn't be given two to three hours straight to finish my report. I would most likely go on five other calls that all require reports by day's end.  

Week 12 down, 10 more to go!

Week 13 started with Director Baca going over Arrest, Search, and Seizure review. Director Baca always does a phenomenal job teaching topics. Prior to his review, I was somewhat skeptical on what I could and couldn't do, but he paints a pretty clear picture on what case law says, and how to stay in the scope of the law. This is the bread and butter of our job because we can make all the arrests we want, but if we disregard citizens’ rights, then all our work means nothing.

On Tuesday and Thursdays we had Firearms Training again. This was our second week of night shooting, which was a lot of fun, but a bit more serious this time around. We did shoot-no shoot scenarios, and when there is very little light, it makes it really hard to determine a threat. We all did a great job determining our threats, and shot when it was appropriate. We also had our P.O.S.T. firearms qualification that we all passed by the end of the week!

On Wednesday we had the honor of being tased! It’s unfortunate that I can’t share all of our videos with you, because it would probably make this week’s blog a lot more enjoyable! So, the night before, I was sitting on my couch imaging that I would get tased, and be one of those people who can’t feel pain and walk right through it. Well, that’s not the case at all. My body was completely immobilized and I couldn't do a thing. I didn't even realize I yelled until watching the video afterward. Aside from everyone’s comical tasing, Agent Beers does a great job teaching the topic and making sure we all understand when we can use our Tasers.

For Thursday's Arrest Control training, we got into the walking phase of our drill training. The instructors and role players stepped up the intensity a little bit more this time around. Overall we did a great job, we aren't getting stumped anymore, and we're making decisions a lot faster. Our arrest control techniques were far better this time around. We test out in about a month, and I finally feel comfortable with my techniques and form. More importantly it will give me confidence to do it on the street, and assure that I give myself and fellow officers the best opportunity to stay safe.

We ended the week with a six-hour NIMS/ICS class that certified us with FEMA to be able to handle big incidents that happen in Jefferson County. It’s pretty amazing to me that the first six to seven weeks started with death by PowerPoint and no foreseeable end, but now I can finally see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are now certified in NIMS/ICS, certified to carry Tasers, and certified with our pistols. 

Eight more weeks, and a few more certifications and we will be done! 

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