Week 10—Recruit Steinmetz

Week 10 is done and for me it was the most exhausting week so far. The week started a little different because we did not have an exam. Then, on Tuesday, we were back to normal schedule as we were able to review the arrest control techniques we have been learning. At the gun range we continued practicing our combat and technical reloads. We also got to run through the test we will need to complete for the POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) exam at the end of the academy. While the test has no room for error (all 25 shots must be on target) most of the recruits passed on their first try. 

Wednesday was a great day.  After a morning of classroom lecture we faced our second round of the fit test. This was the first workout we ever did as an academy class and completing it a second time showed us how much we have improved. Congratulations to Recruit Alonso for making the biggest improvement. 

After our workout we were released so we could return later in the evening for Family Night. It was very strange leaving the academy in the middle of the day and getting home five hours sooner than normal.

Amidst the many hours of criminal code, arrest control, gun range, and all of our other lessons, one thing I have definitely learned is that law enforcement, as a whole, is one big family. From starting out as strangers in the beginning of the academy, we have all become brothers and sisters. This is why Family Night was so important to me. It gave us a chance to meet the families that make up the other recruits. I would like to thank Dr. Nicoletti for coming to speak to everyone of what it means to have law enforcement in the family and ways to handle some of the stress that comes with the job. 

On Thursday we were faced with scenarios in which we were tested with everything we have learned up to this point about contacting pedestrians, making arrests, and discussing about what charges to impose.  These days are critical because we need to fail. Saying that may sound weird, but when we fail in a controlled environment we can immediately learn from our mistakes. The biggest thing I took away from the day was that I need to be more decisive and confident in myself and my abilities.

We wrapped up the week with a good ole’ Colorado weather change as the snow storm in the morning caused delays all over the state.  As we all arrived safely and tried to warm up before class we were able to enjoy a breakfast put together by our Class Leader Recruit DeVito.  We finished the day with a lecture on serious crimes that I found incredibly interesting.

While most people will be huddled around their television this weekend watching March Madness, I (along with many other recruits) will be studying for the upcoming exam on Monday, practicing reloads, and shining my boots.  Week 11 marks the halfway point in the academy.  It is amazing how fast everything has gone but I am excited to continue to learn every day and keep grinding it out till the end. 

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