Week 2 - Recruit Fratto

As week two started, you call tell that everyone is starting to get comfortable with each other. Everyone is doing a great job getting each other’s back when it comes to studying, keeping the lint off each other and shining boots. A few people made study guides, and passed them around for everyone. Just as we thought we had everything down, there is always something to put you back in check. One recruit left his locker open, after the day finished he couldn't find his car. The instructors like to play jokes.  Talk about a life lesson! If you leave your locker open as a law enforcement officer, and you have ammunition or guns in them, chances are you won’t find them the next day, so I’d say this was a lesson learned.

During the week we also had a couple wellness labs. One wellness consisted of 150 walls balls, and 150 squats, and the other was a 400 meter run, 150 box jumps, and 150 toes to bar leg raises. The PT instructors are really starting to turn up the heat on us. As a team we are doing a great job of cheering each other on, and making sure we finish as a team. No person gets left behind ever!

During Thursday’s roll call we learned from Agent Ruybal that you should never EVER say I don’t know to a question. So when it came to me, Director Baca asked, “What is crime prevention?” It always seems that Director Baca asks everyone else the questions I know, but then asks me the one question I didn't get to study. So, not wanting to say I don’t know I said, “Sir, crime prevention is the prevention of crime!” Every one proceeded to laugh, and it ended up pinning me the Captain Obvious Award.

Friday marked the second of fifteen tests. Everyone this week passed, and two people even scored 100 percent! One recruit was sick all week, but because of our teamwork, he was able to learn the material and pass. Due to our success on the test the Instructors decided to reward us with donuts, however due to our wellness lesson later in the day, one recruit gave the donuts back, right in front of the Commander's car!

 At the end of the day we handed out the rest of the awards for the week. ‘Mr. Bill’, which is our “funny dumb mistake” award went to a recruit who thought a Reno 911 clip was real! Our superman award went to Recruit Jones, and rightfully so, for again keeping us squared away another week. We also created our class motto, which is ‘service above self’, very fitting for a career in law enforcement. 

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