Week 3 - Recruit Fratto

Finally on Tuesday we were able to get into our BDU pants, and Academy shirts. Everyone was dying to get out of their business attire, and I’m sure so were our loved ones who ironed for us! However the academy uniforms are a lot harder to up keep. You have to make sure the pants have a firm crease, and the shirt has to be completely wrinkle free, badge ironed, and belt tab on the right side. All of the recruits are doing a great job checking everyone over, and making sure we are all lint free. Especially because the pants attract everything!

Every day that we have roll call we seem to be getting a lot better. We are answering more questions correctly, than incorrectly.  Except Wednesday.  Agent Ruybal switched it up with a geography question.  If we answered incorrectly we had to go for a run to the light pole, and return. There is always a lesson to be learned. The instructors don’t do this as a punishment or to see us suffer.  They hope to teach us a lesson that might one day save our life, or another’s. The geography lesson is critical.  We need to know where we are, and know how to get to our call. If you can’t, you are no good to other officers, or the victims.

Friday marked test number 3, and all of us are starting to find our niche in studying, and performing on tests! Everyone is doing really well, and we had another 100 again!

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