Weeks 16 & 17--Recruit Magor

Week 16 and 17 were quite eventful. The tests went well and now we only have two class tests, an arrest control test and the state Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) test left to complete!

We had firearms and arrest control training and continue to hone our skills. It’s pretty amazing how good at shooting we have all become; every recruit passed the state shooting test.

Director Baca gave us our study guide for the P.O.S.T. test and it is thick. So I’ve been studying a lot lately. 
We had two days of vehicle contacts and high risk stops during our past week or training. They were a blast and we learned a lot about how to safely perform a vehicle stop.

We had some training for R.A.I.D. (Rapid and Immediate Deployment), which was pretty realistic. There was live fire from blank rounds to simulate an active shooter. It was great training on how to respond and stop an active shooting situation.

On our last day of firearms training, instructors brought in numerous different types of guns and let us see how they worked. All the recruits challenged each other in a Top Shot tournament. We shot at some steel targets and whoever hit all the targets first won. Shout out to Recruit Swearingen for earning the Top Shot position.

We also got to check out some simunitions, which shoot just like a normal pistol but have little plastic bullets with paint in them. I’d like to thank Deputy Ackerman and Deputy Hoffman along with all the other instructors for the time and effort they put into the firearms program.

We are about five weeks from graduation and there is still a lot to learn and lots of studying to be done!

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