Week 15--Recruit Magor

All of Week 15 was driving training. It was a lot of fun and a nice break from classroom time. Everyone passed the state test and did very well. We got to do lots of drills driving around cones and learning new maneuvers. 
I’ve never been able to drive a car as fast as we did. We went fast backwards around corners and around cones. Hitting a cone is a horrible feeling, but every single one of us did it at some point this week.
We had two rainy days during the training, which allowed most of us to experience losing control of the vehicle. The instructors did a great job teaching us how to regain control though. There are lots of little tricks to driving that we learned that I had no idea about.
My squad grew closer because we got to spend so much time together having so much fun. We even had a team barbecue at the track. We also went through lots and lots of sunflower seeds mixed with sour patch kids candy. It sounds horrible and weird, but it is very tasty.

I’d like to give a shout out to Recruit Charloe for getting the fastest time on the P.O.S.T. test at 3:07. In order to pass we needed to get faster than 4:10. Being able to push the limits of the car taught us how far we can push them, and maintain safety, when we’re out on the streets patrolling. 
I was able to have a passenger film my driving while I drove a practice test, this way people can see what exactly the course entails.

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