Week 18—Recruit Steinmetz

This week was an entire week filled with a topic that most people recognize from television: Crime Scene Investigation. While many people believe that popular TV shows depict practical applications of Crime Scene Investigations, in real life, it is much different. Some of the more interesting lectures we had this week included blood-spatter analysis, developing fingerprints, and testing for different types of drugs.

Participating in a practical after every lecture, we were able to practice what we had learned about and refine our own skills. My favorite class included learning how to dust for fingerprints and then transfer the fingerprints I found to a paper to be submitted for possible identification. While we learned how to dust for fingerprints, we also learned how to properly record someone’s print by using ink and each other’s hands. 

Part of the reason why this lecture was so interesting to me is the fact that no two fingerprints are alike.  Each person is, in a way, coded, with their own identification and this code will follow us for our entire lives. 

After learning about crime scenes, how to develop them, protect them and interpret them, we had criminal code review with Director Baca on Friday. As we get closer to the end of the Academy, we each anticipate taking the state exam. I appreciate any extra time I get to review with the class and study for the exam.

After studying with Director Baca, we had a very important workout with our PT instructors. The workout, which is called “Murph”, is done in honor of Michael P. Murphy, a former US Navy Seal and recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions in the War in Afghanistan. While the workout is physically demanding, the message behind it is to never give up and always fight on. 

We completed the workout as a class, supporting each other every step of the way, never giving up and fighting till the end. As I was trying to catch my breath, I looked around and was incredibly proud of my fellow recruits. We have all come a long way and to be able to finish this workout as one is a true testament to how hard everyone wants to achieve the goal of becoming POST-certified.

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