Week 20—Recruit Steinmetz

Week 20 brought us a full week of classroom work. While we are all incredibly anxious to be done, we maintain our focus and continue to study for the final test. Monday was a full day on accident investigation. While it is unfortunate that accidents occur, it will be our job to document incidents on the roadway. Drawing diagrams of accidents was interesting and reminded me that my artistic skills my not be as good as others.

Tuesday we attended a lecture from Judge Pautler about courtroom testimony. It is important for us to understand courtroom proceedings because we will all eventually be involved in a case once we graduate. The best thing I took from the class was how crucial it is to tell the truth. Honesty in law enforcement is essential and straying from the truth can lead to the end of our careers and loss of trust from the public.

I was very thankful for Wednesday as it was a full day of criminal code review with Director Baca. I appreciate these days not only for the opportunity to review the Colorado Revised Statute book but also because it reminds me that the Academy staff want us to succeed and will do anything they can to help us pass the POST test.

On Friday we had our final Academy test. Designed to be similar to the upcoming POST exam, it was a great test of exactly how much we have learned throughout the entire Academy. After passing the test, I was much more confident in my knowledge and readiness for the state mandated exam on the 8th of June.

We are so close to the end, but each day we continue to challenge each other with questions and scenarios that we could possibly face. It is impressive to see how far each of us have come, and awesome to see everyone to ready to start their careers.

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