Advice for the Next Class

Dear Class of 2016-2,

We asked the 2016-1 Class what advice they’d give to help you through your Academy and this is what they had to say:

Put your head down and get to work.
Recruit Peters

Study at least one hour each weeknight (except Fridays!), and four hours each weekend day.
Recruit Sauter

Stay Honest on PT all the time!
Recruit Dow

Don't wear "boat shoes" to PT and remember the acronym NGU - Never Give UP!
Recruit Thorson

Ladies: Keep some chocolate in the locker-room. Bring really good snacks for break time. Buy an extra PT shirt for the range and ACT. Lint rollers, sharpie pen, lighters are great for taking care of your uniform. Meal prep on the weekend, saves you time during the week.
Recruit Daniel

Don't chew gum in formation... Or ever. Buy mints.
Recruit Castillo

Think before you speak. Lock your lockers. Don't speed. You will get a ticket.
Recruit Fraser
Set two alarms in the morning.
Recruit Marshall

Fake it til you make it.
Recruit Steinmetz

Walk with a purpose, everywhere you go. Bring all of your gear, every day, even if you don't think you will need it. There are no absolutes in law enforcement, don't expect black and white answers. Don't throw your coworkers under the bus, help one’s hard enough without hindering each other. Stay up to date on your surveys...they pile up fast.
Recruit Walker

Lay low, stay under the radar. Be confident, even if you're totally wrong. First impressions are everything. Embrace the suck. Make sure you prepare your items the night before, so that when you oversleep it’s not a huge deal.
Recruit Saari

Don’t muzzle Sergeant Greer...or anyone.
Recruit Albright

Study, but don't over study. Take 20-30 minutes EVERY night to review material.
Recruit Bapst

Never make excuses.
Recruit Stanton

Come in everyday with an open mind and a good attitude. Always be prepared and give 110%.
Recruit Sykes

Make sure you obey all the safety rules at the range. Running the hill to check if the gate is still there becomes a little annoying after a while.
Recruit Hernandez

Don't let anyone bring you down and surround yourselves with supportive people. Make friends in the academy. If it weren't for them, I would not have gotten as far as I did. Press on, no matter what!
Recruit Eggleston

1-If you are Guard/Reserves, request to be put on inactive status while in the academy. 2-Always bring extra clothing to range days, normal weather patterns don't apply to Rooney Range.
Recruit Lovera

Make sure you use spell check, always have each other’s back, and don't be a robot (Recruit Nees). Recruit Saunders

Turn up every day prepared to work hard and challenge yourself. Answer questions, get involved, and take full advantage of the learning environment you have been given.
Recruit Mannerings

Remember, you're all family now, take care of each other!
Recruit Cosselman

Study the material every night. Do not let time get past you or wait for the last minute. Study for every test like it's the POST test.
Recruit Schneebeck

Push yourself and never give in no matter what. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself.
Recruit Giger

Always go the extra mile. If you feel like something is too easy, you're probably doing it wrong. Put in the extra work. Keep your head on a swivel. Be respectful. Pay attention to the details. Be prepared- always keep all of your gear with you. Challenge yourself! Don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them here.
Recruit Bellio

Take time to study a little every night, that way you are not cramming on the weekend. Also, keep an open mind and try to get something out of everything that is taught.
Recruit Mohr

Have the right mindset and persevere no matter how difficult it may be.
Recruit Nguyen

Work hard and keep working hard but also have fun. Now is the time where you make friends that will be career- and life-long.
Recruit Strube

Just understand that from the beginning, this will be one of the toughest things you will do, but literally take it one day at a time, otherwise you will stress yourself out. There’s a reason you were picked. You will earn everything in this academy, but just know that you will make it out. We had 17 fail the first test, including myself, but we all bounced back and had higher test averages at the end: “One day at a time.”
Recruit Medina

Don't second guess yourself on test questions, go with your gut.
Recruit Diehl

Don’t put .40 ammo in with the 9mm ammo. Start learning street rotations now. You will not have time once the academy starts.
Recruit Johnson

Do not let the tides of common opinion or popular belief sway you. Hold fast to the values that brought you this far, let them guide and strengthen you. Prepare always for the day when you will meet your maker, and conduct yourself so that on that day, you have no regrets. Never quit, never falter, never fail. Recruit A. Smith

Never give up. There will be days you feel like you are not cut out for it, just remember why you started. Pay attention to details and do your best every single day. Take it one day at a time and push yourself. Recruit K. Smith

Break in two pairs of boots—range boots and dress boots. Get a spit shine base on the toes of your inspection boots before the academy starts. Purchase your duty firearm and get familiar with it before the first range day. If possible, spend some time at the range to ensure the sights are zeroed. Order at least two extra PT shirts. They are fragile and you'll use them for much more than PT.

Some minor things:  Get a paper punch and sturdy 3-ring binder for your statute outlines. They’ll be an enviable reference even after the academy. Pick up an extra cuff key. Keep pen and pocket notebook on you at all times.

Maintain a sense of humor at the academy, but keep it to yourself and your close friends. The course is stressful and humor is best for coping; however, don't share it with the staff or be flippant. Police business is deadly serious, and the academy is a formal training and academic environment.

Good diet and conditioning is key to surviving the rigors of these 22 weeks. Crossfit is a difficult program, and includes many pull-ups, burpees, and long runs.  Be rested, eat well, and keep in shape.
Recruit Alonso

Ladies, turn off the light if you're last one in the locker room. But, DON’T turn the light off on your fellow recruits when they're in the bathroom. They will be less than happy with you.
2016-1 Ladies (Mostly Recruit Bellio)

Put in the work. Learn to be slow in a hurry. Be sharp. Plan ahead. Chop your own wood. Grind out this process inch by inch. Embrace the suck.

Best of luck,

Class of 2016-1

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