Week 4 - Recruit Fratto

Week 4 started with more criminal code. This time we shifted focus towards crimes again persons, and properties. We are talking about Arsons, Burglaries, Thefts, and Criminal Mischief. Everything is really started to come together with all the other elective classes. We are starting to paint the whole, well part of the picture, and it’s becoming apparent in roll call. Recruits are starting to answer questions with more conviction.

Tuesday was our introduction to Officer Survival. The class is taught by Agent Ruybal, and Sergeant Maestas. (Who quickly became one   recruit’s boogey-man) This is where the seriousness of our profession comes into play. This class is a huge eye opener; it makes you really dig deep to find out if this is really what you want in life. There are always scenarios you place in your head to help you prepare for a career in Law Enforcement, but this class helps you prepare for the unexpected. In the end we are learning to reduce risk, and to make sure we come home every night. To me this has been one of the most important classes we’ve had. You can have all the book knowledge in the world, but if you can’t apply what you learn on the street, in a safe way, it can not only end your career, or your life, but someone else’s life too. One tip to readers of this blog that are going into this academy or Law Enforcement in general, make sure this is what you want. Also make sure you know what this career entails, because it’s not for everyone. It is not what you see on TV, or the movies where you speed with lights and sirens, well it is, but a lot more to it as well. There are hundreds of applicants that want a spot in the academy, and if you make it, and aren’t sure after then you just took that spot from another deserving candidate.

To end the week we had a couple wellness sessions. One of them included a relay with a partner, and I have to say after that, I have so much respect for the recruit that was my partner. It was a very tough workout, and no matter how tired he looked, he never once looked as if he was going to give up. That is a quality in a person that I would love to work with every day; someone who no matter what never gives up.

On Friday marked our 4th test of the Academy, and I have to say it was one of the toughest tests we have had.  I felt as if I had knew the material about as well as I could have. However, the test was written very word specific, and I should’ve slowed down, and read the test carefully. I’m thankful for passing, however I am always trying to push myself passed my limits. I never settle for mediocre, and I want to be better than that. As the day came to a close we had to say our goodbyes to Recruit James as our Class Leader. He was a great leader for the past two weeks, and continued what Recruit Jones started. He kept us out of trouble, and really had us squared away. Class leader is a tough job, and I can’t thank him enough for the job he did. 

Lastly were the awards, our Mr. Bill award went to Recruit Peterson for not only saying “I don’t know” once, but four times! The Captain obvious award finally left me after my two week reign, and went to Recruit French. Detective Bingham asked him what department he used to work for, which he replied “DOC,” after a pause he looked at Detective Bingham, and said “That’s the Department of Corrections sir.” Detective Bingham then replied “I know what DOC is!” Finally the Superman award for the recruit who did something exceptional. The class decided that I would be given this award for the week for creating a study guide that everyone could use. I am truly honored to be given this award by my fellow recruits, and can’t thank them enough. I’m not one who is used to, or wants praise for anything I do. Every single person in this academy does their very best every day, and always has each other’s backs. I think for the past four weeks, we all performed above expectations, and we all deserve that award.

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