Week 6 - Recruit Fratto

Monday - We were issued all of our leather gear, and fitted for our Class A uniforms and vests. We are finally able to feel like we are becoming real officers, agents and deputies. At the end of the day, we had a class to learn more about Law Enforcement’s involvement with the Special Olympics. This is something I really can’t wait to get involved with. I am patiently waiting for my opportunity to get involved with the community, and I can’t think of a better way to help and get involved than the Special Olympics. On March 7, I am honored to attend the Special Olympics Polar Plunge. To all the recruits and current deputies reading this blog, make sure you sign up and contribute to Team ‘JeffCoStrong’, so we can get Sheriff Shrader to take the Plunge!

This past Tuesday through Thursday, we started our introduction into Arrest Control and Firearms. This week is all about the basics. We have to get everyone up to speed and at the same level. Many people come from different shooting backgrounds. Some have never fired a weapon before, and others, like our former military, have fired plenty. The funny thing is that our top shooters will most likely be the ones who have never shot before. They don’t have any bad habits so it’s easy for them to listen and learn the right way the first time. I have shot quite a bit, and I am really going to try to forget the way I shot before.

During Firearms we were also taught how to maintain and clean our weapons. This is very important and something to be taken very seriously. As deputies we hope that we never have to use our weapon, but if we do need it you hope that it works, and the best way is to properly maintain it. Now that I talked about the seriousness, there is a funny side to maintaining equipment. One of our recruits, who was learning to take apart her magazine, forgot to keep her thumb over the top of the spring when putting it back together. The spring shot out nearly missing my face, and all across the room!

On Friday, we had our 6th Test. Once again everyone passed, and we had another 100 percent. The recruits are continuing to find their studying niche, and what works well for them. Lastly I’d like to congratulate Recruit Sullivan and his wife on the birth of their first son! Next week starts Week 7.  Only 80 class days left!

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