Week 3 -- Recruit Magor

Week three we started wearing our official Academy Uniform, they are very comfortable compared to suits and ties. The class now looks uniform. Most of the recruits started wearing ballistic vests as well. The itching and sweating will take some getting used to. The black on black uniforms show everything, dog hair, lint, wrinkles and any other imperfection that the instructors inevitably find. The class has done a great job looking out for one another. 

I’m really enjoying the workouts and classes.  As typical, sitting in a class all day can be a bit enduring. Recruit Gao learned this the hard way, his eyes got a little heavy during one of the classes. He now gets the 'honor' of carrying a stuffed dinosaur. It must be on him in line inspection and visible in class so instructors can ask him about it. Dr. Brower, a psychologist, was teaching a class and asked Recruit Gao why he had the dinosaur. He quickly responded that he has a phobia of dinosaurs and this was part of his exposure therapy. The quick-witted response had the entire class laughing. 

The test on Monday morning went much better than our first test. I would like to give a shout out to Recruit Poellot for creating a wonderful study guide and also scoring 100 percent on test two. The preparation of this academy is proving to grow a team of excellent recruits.

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