Week 4--Recruit Magor

Week four started off bright and early with our test. The entire class passed and it is a great feeling knowing all of us are starting to get the hang of things. The classes are starting to dive deeper into material. Line inspections are getting more thorough. 

Meticulous instructors are questioning and finding any imperfection possible with our uniforms. This week we had a couple motivational runs and 20 motivational push-ups. Twenty push-ups with a vest and tactical boots weren’t as easy as I expected. 

We had our first gun scenario during officer survival. Sergeant Maestas and Agent Ruybal showed us how a little multitasking can make a situation much more difficult. During this exercise, eight recruits stood side by side, passed a pen back and force to each other using our shooting hand and said the ABCs at the same time.

The instructors did their best to distract us and then suddenly told us to turn around. Each group got a different scenario and each proved to be an eye opener. When I turned around and scanned for the threat I initially couldn’t find it. Suddenly the recruit next to me yelled “gun!” I quickly saw where this recruit was pointing her gun, pulled out my gun and pointed it at the threat. The agent that was playing the suspect was straight in front of me hiding in the crowd of recruits, pointing a gun right at me.

Our PT sessions this week proved that we continue to work as a team. Every single recruit has been giving their all to study, work out and we each take away as much from this academy as possible. Recruit Frink did a great job the last two weeks as our class leader keeping everything in order. 

On Friday, Recruit Grahn brought in his grill and we got to tailgate during lunch. The past four weeks have flown by! They have been eye opening, fun, taxing and have created a bond between 44 different people. Only 18 weeks left and I’m looking forward to every single one of them, with the minor exception of taser day. 

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