Weeks 5 and 6—Recruit Magor

Weeks Five and Six flew by! It’s hard to believe we are about to start Week Seven. Both weeks’ tests proved to be difficult, but I think our motivational runs right before we take the tests are helping. It calms the nerves a little. During Week Five we were issued our duty belts and our Sheriff’s uniforms. 

The class had three PT sessions and they all proved to be exhausting. Many instructors talk to recruits about how law enforcement is drastically changing right now.

One instructor put it perfectly, “It is a hard time to become a cop right now, but it’s the right time”. I couldn’t agree more; law enforcement needs officers who are trained properly and hold a high level of integrity.

On Friday of Week Five we had a drug and narcotics class. We were able to see and even smell many different drugs. They were all very different from what I had imagined. Heroin had to be the worst of them all. The best way for me to describe the smell is like a sour gym sock. 

During Week Six, we brought our pistols and they were inspected by the firearms instructors. On Thursday we were able to use “dummy rounds” and practice different firearms tactics. I have experience hunting with shotguns and rifles; however I have never shot a handgun. This was a new and exciting experience for me. I was not satisfied with my reloading skills. It is going to take some practice. So that is what I did. I went home and practiced until my wife got mad at me for dropping the magazines on our hardwood floor. 

We also started arrest control. Agent Beers is the lead instructor for this class. His passion for teaching makes the class that much more exciting. We started off with the basics of handcuffing and the Koga twist lock. I can see why people told me my wrists would hurt after this class. 

All the recruits are doing very well and we continue to be one strong unit. All we are missing on our uniforms is the badge and name plate. Sixteen weeks to go and we will have that badge! 

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