Week 11—Guest Blogger Jeffco Recruit Schultz

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lonnie Schultz and I’m originally from Aurora, Colorado.  I graduated from Aurora Central High School in 1992. Shortly thereafter I joined the military where I spent the next 23 years traveling the U.S. and the world.

I have been married to my wife Sarah for 20 years and have three boys Josh, Chris, and Jake.  I applied to the Jefferson County Sheriff Office in January 2015 and was one of the few chosen to attend the 2015-03 Jeffco/Lakewood Combined Regional Academy. I am honored to continue to my service to the people of Colorado and Jefferson County.

I decided to write this week’s blog because I recently had a discussion with my one of my sons about how important writing is. Chris reads these blogs every week and has decided that he too wants to become a Peace Officer when he is old enough.  I want him to see the importance of paying attention in school and how some day he can be writing about something that many people will read. In short, I wanted to continue to be a role model for my children.

Now on to the blog:

Week 11 – Half way there!! It’s tough starting off the mid-way week with another difficult test, but all of us made it through with no issues. The week itself was tough, with the introduction of ground fighting techniques and paired with the late nights from our night shooting and the early morning this week could possibly be one of the most tiresome yet. This week also saw our last report writing scenario, although the instructors have challenged us to keep writing and turn those papers in.

The ground fighting classes were an introduction for most of the recruits. We were taught where we don’t want to be no matter what our skill level was.  At the end of the two classes the students were challenged with a test of skill to use the techniques they have learned to escape from the “mounted” and “guard” positions. The recruits quickly learned that being on your back fighting to get to your feet is easier said than done. A few bumps and bruises later, we all learned some very valuable lessons.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings brought our first night shoots with lighted, low-light, and flash-light-only shooting. The recruits were challenged with not only learning how to shoot their firearms in less than favorable conditions, but with the added piece of equipment (our flashlights) we learned the value of using proper technique. I think overall it helped some of the recruits with their shooting because shooting at night with low light conditions requires the shooter to really focus on the front sight post (rather than the back sights), a point that is reinforced every day.

The final scenario for report writing was a tough for most: dealing with a sexual assault case. We learned the value of effective communication with a person who is probably in the worst position of their life.  We learned what questions to ask and more importantly what not to say when interviewing a potential victim of a violent crime.  

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