Week 12—Recruit Magor

We’re over halfway done! It’s all downhill from here.
Week 12 was fairly eventful and we even got a break from tests. We started and ended the week with traffic accident investigations lectures. Now that we get to do more and more scenarios and real life exposure, the classroom days have become a little more difficult to sit through. That’s part of why I decided to join this career. I don’t want a desk job. I like the fact that no one day with ever be the same as the last.
We had firearms and arrest control training Tuesday and Thursday. We continue to work on the fundamentals of shooting and got to do another tactical shooting scenario. During arrest control we learned some Krav Maga, which is a self-defense system that is known for brutal counter-attacks. This training is another “tool in our toolbox” as Agent Beers would say. 

It was fairly easy to learn but we only had one day of training. I think as a deputy it will be another tool that I could use. The more training I do the more prepared for different situations I will be.
We also got to train with our ASP batons, and learned the importance of holding on to our weapons. For every dropped baton we did 20 pushups. 
We had family night on Wednesday, which is when all of our family members were invited to eat some pizza and talk about the training we are going through. We talked about the changes we might go through due to the nature of the job.
After family night I talked with my wife and asked if she has noticed any changes in me. She said the major change she has noticed is that I am more alert and aware of my surroundings. The training is working. I will occasionally notice myself looking around at my surrounding much more. I notice pocket knives, license plates and details about things much more than I ever used to.
It’s hard not to be eager and just start my career as a peace officer; however, there is still a lot of learning and training to complete.  

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