Week 7--Recruit Magor

Week seven was filled with action. Both Tuesday and Thursday we had firearms half the day and arrest control the other half. The firearms class is a blast!
So far everyone has made great improvements on their shooting skills. With 44 recruits, the level of shooting expertise is spread all across the board. The instructors assure us that by the end of the academy we all will be very good at shooting. I hope to make lots of improvements.
Arrest control has also been a great deal of fun. This far into learning, we have worked on different control holds, searching and handcuffing.  All is beginning to come together naturally. We are beginning to do the tasks without having to think about them.
Report writing was a little more intense this week, we had very good role players yelling and screaming at us. We had to use what we have learned so far and command presence to control the situation. 
Tests continue to be difficult and the majority of my spare time goes towards studying, shining my boots and getting my three different bags together for the academy, which are my lunch bag, firearms and arrest control bag and my classroom bag. I have had to establish a routine in order to stay on top of everything.  

Friday we had CPR and First Aid. We had scenarios for First Aid rather than watching a four-hour video, which was great. For the scenarios we teamed up with a partner and had to quickly respond and react to the injured person and provide care. The practice skits even included some uncooperative actors. 
I would like to give a shout out to Recruit Charloe for winning a fitness competition. It was a timed workout and Recruit Charloe got the fastest time. I don't remember the exact workout but it was tough!

The reward was that he got to pick the next workout. Let's just say his workout had most of the recruits in pain. 


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