Weeks 13 and 14—Recruit Magor

Week 13 started with a tough test that all recruits did well on. We had two scenario days, building searches and handling in-progress calls.

During building searches, we started slow and learned the basics and fundamentals of how to search a building safely and effectively. Once we had practiced for a while we got to go through three different scenarios.

My favorite part of this class was getting to work with K9’s and seeing the dogs doing what they love to do. It is a big career goal of mine to be a K9 officer, so I really had fun with this. We even got to get “bit” by the dogs; of course we wore the protective sleeve.
Handling in-progress calls was a great day of training. We learned from our mistakes and got to have some fun. We responded to about seven different types of calls that varied from domestic violence, a burglary in progress, drunks in a park and men arguing at an ice cream parlor.
Week 14 was a very fun as well. We had two late nights, one of which was night shooting. We practiced different positions for holding our flashlights while we shoot. I am very happy I bought a weapon-mounted light. It makes searching for threats that much easier while it is dark.

We also had late night arrest control scenarios, where we learned the advantages of having a good flashlight. Communication with our partners is also key to safety and success.

On Wednesday all 44 recruits met at Red Rocks Amphitheater for our pictures. Everyone looked sharp in their Class A uniforms. We even got to wear a badge for the individual pictures. I’m eager to get my own badge and start a career.

I passed my Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) shooting test, which I’m not going to lie, was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve had to do all academy. I guess it’s stressful knowing if you fail the test three times you can lose your job. 

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